Feline Records was created by Musicians for Musicians. Encompassing Music Supervisors, Composers, Producers and Grammy Award Winning Recording Sound Engineers. 

Neil Citron and Lucciano have combined their many years of work in the Music Industry, their experience is second to none. Together they have over 100 years experience in Sound Engineering, Music Producing and Song writing and More.


Neil Citron has mixed and mastered

soundtracks and composed music

for films such as ''Ricky and the Flash''

''Catch Me if You Can''

''My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1 & 2''

and for films by Jonathan Demme,

Tom Hanks, Dino Li Laurentiis and Oprah Winfrey.


He also helped coach Meryl Streep for the Movie ''Ricky & the Flash.  You can visit Neil Citrons personal website here.


Lucciano has 52 years in the Music Industry worked with companies such as Sony Music, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, just to name a few. Lucciano has built 5 major recording studios in his time, produced a play for ''the 14th Street Playhouse''  Lucciano is currently drummer for Black Cat 6 but in his 50 years of drumming he has played with an extensive amount of artists. To see more of Lucciano visit his website here 

Feline has a different approach on making you successful as a Musician. Keeping in mind that this company was founded by two musicians that have been successful in their endeavours in the music industry. So giving back to the fellow musician a better path for success. ''Musicians for the Musician''

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We here at Feline Music Group pride ourselves in quality work know how, and results. We want our clients at all levels to accomplish their dreams. Neil & Lucciano have what it takes to bring you to the next level.

It is Feline Music's commitment to all Musicians!