Black Cat 6 is a Rock band formed in 2019, Neil Citron and Lucciano crossing paths in the studio decided one day to do a project their way a few albums later with great success the band is rocking forward!  


Neil Citron


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Neil Citron: Guitar on this CD-Tom Anderson Guitars-Curt Mangan Strings-Red Plate Amps-Line 6 Helix-Dophix Pedals-Gokko Pedals-Eventide H9-Yamaha Basses

For the Recording-Empirical Labs-Phoenix Audio-Mojave Audio-Inward Connections-Charter Oaks-TC Electronic-Demeter amplification-Chandler Limited-Dp Microphone for Vocals

For Mixing-Adam Monitors-Avocet Monitor Section-Apogee Converters-Metric Halo Converters-Dorrough Metering-Tascam CG 1000-Tascam DA 3000-Phoenix Audio Summing -Inward Connections Summing-Retro Instruments-Bricasti Effects-Demeter Spring Verb-Eventide H3000-D/SE-TC Electronic 2290-Lexicon Effects and WAVES PLUGINS On Everything!!!

Lucciano for Recording- Tama Drums- DW Hardware- Soultone Cymbals- Vic Firth Sticks- Gibralter Stands-Aquarian Drum Heads-D-Drum Octobans- Puma Shoes.