Lucciano started Playing drums at the age of 3 and realizing it was his passion and he continued to pursue music as a life long journey.

Lucciano played with the Lawrence Welk band at the ripe old age of 8 with Donny C. He signed his first deal when he was 14 with Enigma Records.

Upon moving to Los Angeles in his early career, Lucciano’s skills were immediately in demand as a session and live musician as well as a producer when able. 

Never afraid of a new challenge, Lucciano also worked with several major film companies like Sony, Dreamwork’s, Warner Brothers, Imax and others on various projects, expanding his horizons of experience.

Lucciano was the main member of the band Kidd Nasty, which toured heavily in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

He was hired to build 4 1st class recording studios in the LA area for Systec corp.

Lucciano did a guest show with Chaka Kahn for MD Ben Cario. Also Al Di Meola and members of Chick Corea.

Following a number of years in the "LA scene", Lucc relocated to Las Vegas and began working on several studio projects for Bob Kulick, Wendy Dio and many indie artists.

During these sessions Lucciano connected with guitarist Neil Citron and formed the band "Black Cat 6”. The first single was released Halloween 2019 and the album came out in November.

Lucciano and Neil have completed a second CD and released a song called Brother, written about their dear friend Frankie Banali.


Neil's cousin Howard Leese, of Heart & Bad Company fame, taught him his first chords and he fell in love with guitar at the age of thirteen. 

During his summer break, he hung out at Cherokee Studios (Rod Stewart/David Bowie/Jackson 5/The Cars), where he was mentored in music recording and mixing by some of the greats. 

He had the opportunity to work with Roy Thomas Baker during the recording of The Cars, Foreigner and Journey. Neil knew then that recording and mixing would be a big part of his music career. 

Like the Doors and Van Halen, Neil's band "Prodigy" became the house band at Gazzarris’ famous club on the Sunset Strip. Not long after that Neil and the band were signed to Mercury Records and toured the states for several years opening up for “Manfred Mann”, “Y & T”, and Triumph. 

Later, his two engineer friends, Greg Ladanyi (Jackson Brown, Toto) and Dusty Wakeman (Dwight Yokam, Lucinda Williams), inspired him to fine tune his recording and mixing skills. 

Neil also excels in song writing, and has co-written music for projects with Dino De Laurentiis, Chrysalis Records and Playtone Productions, as well as band like Quiet Riot and Wasp. 

He ran and produced at three-time Grammy-winning rock guitarist Steve Vai's Studio called “The Mothership;” which has housed artists such as Eddie Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, The Yardbirds, and the Wallflowers. 

After building a portable recording rig for Steve and recording his year long tour, Neil recorded the "Live at the Astoria” album, which earned him a Platinum record. Neil is well versed in recording multiple genre’s including Acoustic, Metal, Rhythm and Blues, Folk, and Hip Hop. Neil has also mixed a Steve Lukather ( Toto) & Larry Carlton ( Steely Dan) live CD called "No Substitutions: Live in Osaka" for which Neil won a Grammy. 

Some of the movie soundtracks he’s worked on have included “That Thing You Do” (Tom Hanks), “My Big Fat Greek Wedding I & II, "Their Eyes Were Watching God" (Oprah Winfrey,) “Ricki and the Flash” (Jonathan Demme) featuring Meryl Streep, on which Neil personally coached Meryl on the guitar. 

Currently, he owns his own own mixing room and continues to record, mix and master many major artists including the new Quiet Riot CD released in late 2019 and music for the film and entertainment industry

Contact Neil - felinemusicllc@gmail.com